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Shodokan Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art practiced by thousands of people around the world.

Shodokan Aikido London (this website) is a collection of Aikido clubs in the city where you can train regularly. We are not an association or separate group, simply a bunch of keen Aikido people who want to attract more likeminded individuals to the art.

You can find clubs and contact their instructors above.

We do follow the Shodokan style of Aikido as taught by Nariyama Shihan at Shodokan Hombu, Osaka, Japan.

Everyone practicing and teaching Aikido in the UK is (and must be) insured, preferably via a governing body such as the British Aikido Board.

Shodokan Aikido is the style of Aikido founded by Kenji Tomiki (1900–1979). Shodokan Aikido is sometimes referred to as “Sport Aikido” because of its use of regular competitions, and although Tomiki used the name Shodokan, the style is still often referred to as ‘Tomiki Aikido’. Shodokan places more emphasis on free-form randori sparring than most other styles of aikido. The training method requires a balance between randori and the more stylized kata training along with a well-developed set of training drills both specific for randori and for general aikido development. The participation in actual shiai (competitive randori) very much depends on the club with greater emphasis being found in the university clubs, although randori is core to all Shodokan clubs.

In 1967 Kenji Tomiki built a Shodokan hombu dojo in Osaka, Japan, to teach, train and promote his style. Shodokan Aikido is organised as the Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF) with Tetsuro Nariyama as the chief instructor.

There are hundreds of Aikido clubs in the UK and a handful of Shodokan (our style) here in London.

Dalston (closed at the moment) – Balls Pond Road near Dalston Kingland Overground

Greenwich – 22 Greenwich South St, London SE10 8TY

Old Street – Old Street near St Luke’s Music Education Centre

Stratford (coming soon…) – Near the train station and Olympic Park

UCLU – University College London Union – UCLU Bloomsbury Fitness, 15 Gordon Street near Euston underground.

(More clubs are being added shortly…)

Check out our list of Clubs outside London.

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Shodokan Aikido is a great martial art as well as being fun, interesting and physically challenging. Lots of people want to keep fit and healthy, for most people this involves boring sessions at the gym or jogging through the darkness in the city. Try Shodokan Aikido.

There are many benefits from regular practice, some of which are:

  • Increased mental concentration
  • Improved fitness and long term health
  • Better flexibility
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Self defence and situational awareness

Aside from these benefits when you join a club or dojo you’ll be introduced to a whole new network of friends. There are also many Shodokan Aikido clubs about the world if you feel like travelling. Obviously Japan should be high up on your list of places to train Aikido.

There are clubs all around London and the UK to start training. It’s recommended that you start with one that is convenient for you to get to and from work / home. Find a club from our London Aikido Clubs page.